AnneLise Sorensen

Travel writer, editor, and TV/radio host AnneLise Sorensen ( has written – and wine-tasted – her way around the world, contributing to New York Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Gourmet, Time Out, NBC, and CNN. She authored Top 10 Barcelona, as well as DK Eyewitness and Rough Guides to Spain, Scandinavia, Canada, Belize, California, and New York. AnneLise hosts the popular lecture and web series, Travel Transforms, on how travel can be a catalyst for change in your life. Many of AnneLise’s favorite travel adventures are not reached by plane – but by subway. She regularly globe-hops across her home base of New York City, from sampling tapas around Manhattan to learning bellydancing in Brooklyn. Follow her adventures: @AnneLiseTravels

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